KKUIC organizes Admission Interview 2016

          On 28 June 2016, during 9.00- 12.00 a.m. Khon Kaen University International College lecturers, support staff organized KKUIC admission interview to select students who passed the written examination of  Khon Kaen University Internat

          The Eligible students who can join the admission interview have to pass written examination, Physical examination and x-rays to make sure they are in good health to join the college. There were 79 students from  International Affairs major, Global Business major,  International Marketing major ,Tourism Management major, and Communication Arts.


          Ms. Parisa Thongprasert  from  Demonstration school Khon Kaen University who will join Global business major said that  “ I’ve always been interested in Global businesswoman as a future occupation. You can see from any name of the companies, big or small they all need to ex1 (2).jpgpand business. Also I will have better chance to work in a big company. The reason I chose KKUIC because I heard a lot of good reputation and I believe I can learn a lot of knowledge and prepare myself to work international market labor and join ASEAN” she said with her smiling and exciting face.

          To attend University, they need to pass written examination in the standard score and also need to be considered aptitude, personality and physical check.  The college has set criteria as international standard requirements in both English competency and knowledge relates to their major to screen candidates and make sure they suit to join the college.

          The students were waiting with excitement and happiness to get in the interview room. Parents and families of some students also waited for their children to finish the interview with overwhelming feeling. However, this is just the beginning of the long way to go on the path of  "Professional graduate who can work in international level”   in the next 4  years to complete the program.


News/ photo  Nutchaya Yatsom

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DATE : (28-06-2016)