Khon Kaen University International College Organized Wai Kru Ceremony for Academic Year 2016.

Khon Kaen University International College organized the Thai culture of Wai Kru of academic year 2016 with Pan decoration competition and distribution certificates for the highest GPA students.


On the 8th of September 2016, in the conference room 926, Khon Kaen University International College (KKUIC), led by the Student Development Section held the Wai Kru ceremony (a Thai ritual in which students pay respect to their teachers in order to express their gratitude and formalize the student-teacher relationship) of academic year 2016. The ceremony aimed to express students’ gratitude and formalize the student-teacher relationship, and disseminate the Thai custom and culture for international faculty and students. There were approximately 30 faculty including the management team, and about 200 students from all programs who joined the ceremony.


The ceremony started at 1.30 pm. after management, faculty members, and students gathered in the conference. A student representative led the singing of the Wai Kru hymn and the song “Kha Nam Nom” (value of mother’s milk). After that, Professor Dr. La-Orsri Sanaomuang, dean of KKUIC as the chairperson of the ceremony was invited to open the ceremony. She briefed the background and importance of the ceremony, followed by obedient and anointed the book. Then, the representative students of each program carried the Wai Kru Pans (a tray in which one puts meaningful materials, such as flowers, incense, candle, etc.) on the stage and give them to the management and representative faculty of each program.


After giving the pans, the president of KKUIC Student Union led to make a vow. After that the dean issued the certificate to outstanding students of each program who got the highest GPA. The last activity of the ceremony was Wai Kru pan decoration competition from each program, and judged by all lecturers. The winners were Global Business and International Marketing programs.


News & Photo: Putthiroek







DATE : (09-09-2016)