KKU Quota/ National Admission

KKU Quota and National Admission 

This type of application is for students with Thai Nationality who graduated from high-schools based in Thailand under Thai educational system.  The admission is open with regards to the announcement of Khon Kaen University and the Ministry of Education, Thailand.

Number of Admitted Students

1. Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs, International Program: 60 students

2. Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management, International Program: 60 students

3. Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Business, International Program: 60 students

4. Bachelor of Business Administration in International Marketing, International Program: 60 students

5. Bachelor of Arts Program in Communication Arts, International Program: 60 students


1.  Applicants must have completed or currently studied secondary education grade 12 (or equivalent) from an educational institution accredited by the Ministry of Education, Thailand.

2.  Applicants should be in good physical and mental health and have no record of serious misconduct.

3.  Applicants should be proficient in English (for all undergraduate degree programs) and mathematics (for only programs in business and management).  In case their English proficiency is lower than the level required by KKUIC, applicants will be asked to attend Academic English Preparation Program

Required Documents

1.  Two photos sized 3x4 cms with neither hat nor sunglasses and taken no longer than 6 months.  Clearly state names and schools on the back side of each photo.  Stickers or scanned photos are not allowed. 

2.  A copy of ID card

3.  A copy of name change (If any)

4.  A copy of housing registration

5.  A copy of transcript from a secondary educational institution.

6.  Optional documents such as TOFEL {500 (Paper-based); or 173 (Computer-based); or 61 (Internet-based)} or IELTS { 5.5 (all band scores ≥4.0} will be used to determine applicant’s English proficiency.  Applicants who pass these criteria will be ready to start regular study programs in KKUIC without having to take Academic English Preparation Program.


1.  For KKU Quota, applicants will have to pass KKU Quota English (for all undergraduate degree programs) and Mathematic examinations (for only programs in business and management).

2.  Interview will be conducted in English to test applicants’ English proficiency and attitudes.

Note: Applicants who do not pass the English placement examination but are qualified for the acceptance will be accepted under a condition that they must enroll in Academic English Preparation Program before the first semester starts or during the regular semesters.

Admission Criteria

Successful admission depends on applicants’ English and mathematic proficiencies reflected by the submitted standardized test results or KKU Quota English and Mathematics examination results or National Admission test results, the interview test, and consideration of the KKUIC administrative committee.   

Application Method

All written examinations are under the responsibilities of Khon Kaen University and the Ministry of Education, Thailand.  However, KKUIC will be in charge of the interview test and selection of applicants.


Contact KKUIC for more information.