Ministry of Public Health accepted the AstraZeneca vaccine is lacking in some areas, and it is not recommended to inject two different brands.

Dr. Rungruang Kitiphat (spoken man of the Ministry of Public Health) revealed that some hospital news about to postpone the appointment of the second vaccination to the group has already received the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine because of the AstraZeneca is not enough now.

Due to there is now a very high demand for vaccines. It affects that AstraZeneca is really not enough in some areas and have problems with management. Thus, The Ministry of Public Health apologises to the public and will do its best to expedite action in the scarce area. In the first vaccination, it is sufficient to build immunity to prevent infection for build confidence in academic information that is published a single vaccine can cover infection, serious illness and reduce deaths.
For the second injection, it is only for supporting the immune system. Only the first injection, the various immune levels will reduce the chance of death even more reduce the chance of becoming more serious and reduce the chance of infection more. In the any case that people receive AstraZeneca in the first dose. The second dose of the Sinovac vaccine is not recommended in the different brand. In the better, waiting for the allocation of the vaccine Astra. This is the best in June.
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