Both hotels and restaurants in Khon Kaen were affected by the “New Outbreak” of COVID-19.

Hotels in Khon Kaen are weeping due to the new wave of COVID-19 in the area. The government must come up with policies to support the entrepreneurs by the use of the Social Security Fund, said Chartchai Kosawisut (President of the Isan Hotel Association)

Since the “Third Wave” of COVID-19 in Thailand. The government has an announcement of cooperation to control the ongoing outbreak of Coronavirus with the entrepreneurs by limiting open and close time for the establishments and people, must not travel to other places during this period. As a result, many businesses, especially restaurants, have to shut down because of the reduced number of tourists and fewer seminars from the various organisations that appeared to cut their benefits than the pre-outbreak period.
According to the President of Isan Hotel Association says; nobody would want this outbreak to happen, but since it already surrounded, all parties must cooperate and go through it together. Meanwhile, the cost in various sections that the entrepreneurs have to bear the burden such as employment, is still there. Even with the help of specific programs like Rao Cha Na or Section 33 from the government, the medium and small businesses are forced to leave the market anyway.
However, money allocated by the state can stimulate the overall picture of the economy to a certain extent. Still, wherewith New Coronavirus Outbreak, the hotel and restaurant operators are not finding the way of salvation because even typically opened. But, with the tiny number of tourists as customers, some may have to shut down due to the costs spent on products with no profit in return. Thus, larger businesses with reserve capital also have to adjust strategies in various areas for survival, such as some layoffs, alternate working for 15 days each, and some pay the salary to the employee at 70 per cent.

"The Ministry of Labor must have more role in responding to help the group of entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to the Social Security Fund. However, the employer has contributions made every month to the funds as part of their duty under state rule. And in this urgent event like this, it is a perfect time to help the establishments, so they can access such sources of funds because many businesses already had a loan in the system that makes them unable to easily approach the money sources based on the government and National Bank policies. As the businesses cannot operate efficiently but still the bear burden of costs, the government should be more considerable on the Social Security Fund back to the entrepreneurs under the rules and regulations created by the government."

Chartchai Kosawisu
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