Khon Kaen discusses the use of the Drive-Thru concept in the novel coronavirus vaccination

The coronavirus vaccination will be ready for everyone in June, said the Governor. Also, Khon Kaen aims to open the drive-through service point to facilitate all so that people can access to vaccinate efficiently.

According to the Governor of Khon Kaen, Dr. Somsak Jangtrakun that currently there are a number of patients admitted to various hospitals in the area (approximately 87 patients), and 15 of them has admitted to the 1st field hospital located in Khon Kaen University, and this indicates a steady decline in the number of patients due to the cooperation of people in Khon Kaen under the guidance of state that makes it even easier to control the outbreak efficiently.
However, the proactive operation of getting the AstraZeneca vaccination to all people with at least 70 percent or around 1.4 million will be ready since the beginning of June.
At this point, the Governor has ordered the public health department to manage personnel to work in treating patients, surveillance, and the preventive controls in the COVID-19 epidemic situation that must continue to be rigorously forwarded. Along with the new national mission of vaccination, the province has initially been set up of 40 vaccination points covered the whole area. Still, since the pandemic is widespread, the vaccination plan and the distribution have been adjusted to reduce the risk of large crowd gatherings.
Nevertheless, each vaccination point must meet the Ministry of Public Health’s standards to avoid and handle the risk situations that could have been happening because it takes up to 40 minutes for each individual to vaccinate and notice the symptoms.
Mr. Somsak also mentioned on the stipulated period that within three months, all people in Khon Kaen must be getting vaccination followed the plans set by the province. Which from the assessment of the designated vaccine service stations, it was found that the minimum immunization unit a day is 1,200 persons, and the maximum can hold up to 4,000 under the strict management of time and services according to public health standards.
Nonetheless, the drive-through vaccine service was also part of the discussion cause it can reduce the time and cost of vaccination and easy to access for both the residents and visitors who originally from other places which be parts of state policies in reducing the infected cases by creating the herd immunity. Anyhow, those who attend to receive the vaccination from the state must register and verifying themselves via the Doc’s Ready (Moh Prompt) application or go to the medical agencies nearby.
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