Khon Kaen provincial governor sets up the goal of injecting 1.4m people the COVID-19 vaccines in 3 months.

The provincial governor of Khon Kaen consults with the administrative team planning to provide 1.4 million people the COVID-19 vaccination in 3 months.

Dr. Somsak Jangtrakun, the Provincial Governor of Khon Kaen, chairs the board meeting of epidemic disease in Khon Kaen province and consult with the directors of governmental and private hospitals, university hospitals, military hospitals, health centers together with the heads of every hospital’s nursing departments, and 26 district public health centers in Khon Kaen to monitor the implementation of and COVID-19 epidemic control and prevention; also, prepare for the plan of June 2021 regarding the vaccination services for Khon Kaen people.
Mr. Somsak says; the situation of COVID-19 epidemic in Khon Kaen that just found 2 new infectors causing the increase of infector number to 442, and 180 of them are being retained. As mentioned above, it shows that the situation is better from the 3 rounds of COVID-19 vaccination. There are 24,000 peoples received the COVID vaccination, mostly are medical personnel more than 80 percent. The AstraZeneca vaccines will inject into elders and the 7-group-disease patients
The AstraZeneca vaccines are planned to distribute in June. Khon Kaen offers the vaccines according to the amount of population around 70 percent or 1,400,000 people. By the collaboration of every sector, the vaccinations are determined to complete in 3 months, yet it might be delayed to 4 months which means the people will be injected approximately 2200 ones a day.

The provincial governor says; everybody is familiar and trusts in the vaccines allocated by the government. They follow the registration steps to confirm their identity and define the place for receiving vaccines. According to the plan of the Khon Kaen Provincial Public Health Office, the governmental hospitals, and 26 district public health centers are the main service places with the collaboration of the private hospitals, university hospitals, along with field hospitals, and the hospitals under the Ministry of Defence.

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