4+1 B.COM.ARTs/M.Sc. International Technology and Innovation Management

4+1 B.Com.Arts/M.Sc. International Technology and Innovation Management

This program is suitable for KKUIC students (3rd year to become 4th year) from the B.Com.Art program (Creative Media Technology, International Journalism). The students will take 4 courses from the M.Sc. ITIM’s curriculum in advance during their 4th year and will later spend only 1 year to complete the M.Sc. ITIM curriculum. The bachelor’s degree is awarded after successful completion of all undergraduate requirements. The master’s degree is awarded upon successful completion of the graduate requirements.

Why the 4+1 Program?

Save Money

Enjoy a huge tuition reduction when you take the M.Sc. courses during your 4th year of the bachelor’s degree level.

Save Time

Earn a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in 5 years.

Be Competitive

Increase your value in a competitive job market and begin your career a year earlier.

Career opportunities  

Master’s graduates can work as private business owners, advisors for product innovation and business operations, academicians and researchers in product development and innovation, and the founders of enterprises related to production, innovation, and business administration fields.

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International Technology and Innovation Management (ITIM)

1. Eligibility

KKUIC students (3rd year to become 4th year) from the B.Com.Arts program (Creative Media Technology, International Journalism).

2. Program Duration and Fees

LevelsWhen to studyDurationTotal Costs
(Thai students)
Total Costs
(International students)
Bachelor’s DegreeYear 41 year
(2 semesters)
THB 3,600
THB 3,600
Master’s DegreeYear 11 year
(2 semesters)
THB 100,000
THB 130,000*

*International students will incur a tuition fee of THB 50,000 per semester plus an international student fee of THB 15,000 per semester.

3.Important dates

Application period1 March -30 April 2023
Announcement of eligible candidates for interview16 May 2023
Online interview20-21 May 2023
Announcement of the application results2 June 2023

4.Application Procedure and Important Documents

Start your request for admission to a 4+1 program following this link:
https://app.gs.kku.ac.th/gs/admissions/login ( Thai )
https://interadmission.gs.kku.ac.th/app/#/auth (Non Thai)
Then, upload electronic documents to support your application. The required documents are:

1) A photo size 3X4 cm with no hat or sunglasses, taken within 6 months.

2) A copy of ID card (Thai applicant) or Passport (Foreign applicant)

3) A copy of Housing registration (For Thai applicant only)

4) A copy of academic transcript

4+1 B.Com.Arts / M.Sc. in International Technology and Innovation Management provides 2 study plans with 5 selected areas of emphasis, and an optional study abroad program.

Track 1: Indepent Study Plan (Plan B) This is a non-thesis program. Students also need to complete 6 required courses (18 credits), 4 elective module courses (12 credits), and an independent study course (6 credits).

Track 2: Regular Thesis Plan (Plan A2) This plan consists of 6 required courses (18 credits) and 2 courses selected from the list of elective modules (6 credits). Students also need to enroll in a thesis course (12 credits).

Study Plan

 Plan A2 (Thesis)Plan B (IS)
Year 4: First Semester
IC 317 003 International Business Development and Networking//
IC 317 004 International Intellectual Property Law//
Year 4: Second Semester
IC 317 001 Technology Creativity and Innovation//
IC317 002 Project Management and Product Development//
Year1: Third Semester
IC 507 202 International Business Strategy//
IC 507 208 International Brand Communication//
IC 317 891 Seminar in International Technology and Innovation Management//
IC 317 005 Research Methodology in Technology and Innovation/O
xx xxx xxx Elective Couse//
xx xxx xxx Elective CouseO/
Year1: Third Semester
xx xxx xxx Elective CouseO/
xx xxx xxx Elective CouseO/
IC 317 898 Thesis/O
IC 317 897 Independent StudyO/

Module 1 : Marketing Channel Innovation

IC 317 016Business and Consumer Analytics
IC 317 017E-Commerce, Technology, and Applications
IC 317 018Digital Media Design for Business Practices
IC 317 019International Retailing
IC 317 020Current Issues in International Commercialization and Innovation

Module 2 : Multimedia and Information Technology Innovation

IC 222 002Technology in Communication
IC 222 006Multimedia Production
IC 222 011Professional Image Management
IC 222 012Television Journalism and Broadcasting
IC 223 005Strategic Communications
IC 317 0063D Printing for Non-technical Innovators
IC 317 007Creativity, Digital Innovation, and Applied Design
IC 317 008Advanced Multimedia Communication

Module 3 : Environmental Sustainability and Innovation

IC 307 001Biodiversity and Conservation
IC 307 004Tropical Ecology
IC 307 005Applied Microbiology
IC 307 006Marine and Freshwater Environmental Biology
IC 307 101Environmental Planning and Management
IC 307 103Sustainable Development and Management
IC 307 107Climate Change and Renewable Energy
IC 317 009Natural Resources Technology and Innovation

Module 4 : Food and Agricultural Innovation

TE 034 612Food Safety, Regulation and Law
TE 035 031Introduction to Food Preservation
TE 035 600Hygiene and Safety in Food Service
TE 035 601Essential Knowledge in Food Technology
IC 317 012Introduction to Food Technology and Nutrition
IC 317 013Innovative and Product Development in Food Industry
IC 317 014Food Processing Technology in Food Industry
IC 317 015Quality Management System in Food Industry

Module 5 : Material Science Innovation

SC 007 001Nanotechnology and Innovation
SC 007 002Industrial Material
SC 523 462Polymer Processing
SC 523 418Introduction to Biomaterials
SC 502 252Introduction to Energy Science
SC 522 314Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
IC 317 0063D Printing for Non-technical Innovators
IC 317 009Natural Resources Technology and Innovation
IC 317 010Nanomaterials for Product Development
IC 317 011Frontier Biomaterials

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