Master of Science in Biodiversity and Environmental Management (International Program) 

This multi-disciplinary master program is designed to focus on cross functional roles and importance of biodiversity, environment and management in different contexts e.g. natural diversity (animals, plants,and micro-organisms) and environment, urban and rural development, utilization and sustainability of natural resources, climate change, technological and innovative breakthroughs. Various courses are offered in this program combined with research project through 12-credit thesis.

Career opportunities  

Specialists in environmental-resources management international organizations, environmental quality assessors, environmental academicians, policy planners in environmental-related issues in governmental and private organizations, researchers, pathway to pursue higher degrees

 Biodiversity and Environment Management 

Instructions for applicants

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Required documents are

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3. Copy of your Bachelor’s degree certificate or higher degree

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Payment evidence of application fee e.g. copy of bank receipt. Details provided below.

A proof of English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, TU-GET, CU-TEP or KKU-AELT) in compliance with regulation of KKU. More details please click

Application fee (700 Thai Baht for Thai applicants, 1,200 Thai Baht or USD40 for non-Thai applicants) can either be paid through methods below or upon arrival of the interview (for international applicants).

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Patcharin Srisulert :

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IC307001  Biodiversity and Conservation

Pre-requisite:  None
Description:  Biodiversity through time, creation and evolution of biodiversity, ecology of biodiversity, ecosystem function, types of biodiversity, current losses of biodiversity, importance of biodiversity for human life, impact of society on biodiversity, species response to climate change, sustainable conservation and utilization of biodiversity, conservation of landscapes and ecosystems, economics and legislation of conservation, practical research and examples

IC307002  Research Methodology in Biodiversity and Conservation

Pre-requisite:  None
Description:  Skills of scientific methodology, identifying research problems and hypotheses, reviewing scientific literatures, research methods in biodiversity and environmental management, conducting experiments, collecting data, discussing research results, academic writing

IC307101  Environmental Planning and Management

Pre-requisite:  None
Description:  Importance of environmental planning, interaction between natural processes and human activities, human manipulation of ecosystems, climate change and global warming, environmental assessment and evaluation, management of environmental resources (such as water, land, energy), environmental waste management, land use and planning, public decision making, legislation and economics of environmental planning, ethics and policy making, research and monitoring techniques

IC307891  Seminar in Biodiversity and Environmental Management

Pre-requisite:  None
Description:  Review of the literature and researches, presentation, discussion and report writing on the contemporary issues and case studies in Biodiversity and Environmental Management

IC307894 Special Problems in Biodiversity and Environmental Management

Pre-requisite:  None
Description:  Individual study, experimental investigation on topics of interest in biodiversity and environmental management under the supervision of supervisors

IC307003  Flora and Fauna in South East Asia

Pre-requisite:  None
Description:  Concept of biodiversity, interaction of biodiversity in the environmental context of the region, a survey of the diversity of flora and fauna of South East Asia, different aspects of this diversity

IC307004  Tropical Ecology

Pre-requisite:  None
Description:  Dynamics of ecological interactions in tropical environments, biogeographical and ecological definitions of the tropics, the distinctive biotic and abiotic characteristics of tropical environments, environmental impacts on life and adaptation, management of tropical environments, aspects of tropical ecology as a science, the tropics as the centre of global biodiversity, tropical successional process, deforestation in the tropics, conservation in the tropics, case studies from South East Asia in mangrove ecosystems and dipterocarp forests

IC307005  Applied Microbiology

Pre-requisite:  None
Description:  Current principles and techniques of microbiology and their applications biotechnology, biodiversity, environment, genetics, agriculture, food and industry, the utilization and application of microbiology in the real contexts in biodiversity and environmental management, the detecton of pathogen and toxin producing microorganisms in food products, and environment

IC307006  Marine and Freshwater Environmental Biology

Pre-requisite:  None
Description:  Marine and freshwater environmental biology, evolution and history of aquatic ecosystems, manmade and natural aquatic ecosystems, biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems, importance of aquatic ecosystems, ecology of marine ecosystems, ecology of lakes and wetlands, ecology of rivers and streams, relationships between organisms and their aquatic environment, impact of climate change on marine and freshwater ecosystems, conservation of aquatic biodiversity, legislation and economics of aquatic ecosystems, research and monitoring techniques

IC307007  Taxonomy & Genetic Diversity

Pre-requisite:  None
Description:  Evolution of genetics, function of DNA as the fundamental basis of inheritance, principles and methods of taxonomy, traditional basis of taxonomic classification, morphological taxonomy, groups and species, development of genetic methods for taxonomic classification, ongoing issues integrating and combining morphological and genetic traits, ideas and technologies modifying, evolutionary epigenetic classification

IC307008  Advanced Entomology

Pre-requisite:  None
Description:  Insect evolution, insect size, scale and forms, different aspects of their biology from anatomy to physiology, life cycles, human interactions, beneficial and pest insects, value as food, special topic on specific insect groups and a comparative look at other groups

IC307102  Environmental Impact and Assessment

Pre-requisite:  None
Description:  Methodology of environmental impact assessment (EIA), management tool and criteria essential to decision-making in environment, process of EIA, critical analysis to evaluate the environmental impact from development projects, survey in the target developmental area to assess the actual environmental impacts

IC307103  Sustainable Development and Management

Pre-requisite:  None
Description:  Development of the environmental idea, developmental issues in the 20th century, legitimization and use by the United Nations, cooperation between sectors in the 21st century, actual application and potential of sustainability agendas, the perspective of the three pillars of sustainability: environment, society and economics, critizizing a perspective of re-definition, case studies, and developmental management within Thailand and South East Asia

IC307104  Ecotourism and Management of Protected Areas

Pre-requisite:  None
Description:  Principles and rules of ecotourism, types of ecotourism, national and global importance of ecotourism, impact of tourism in natural areas, impact of tourism on behavior and habitat of animals, origin of national parks and protected areas, fundamentals and importance of protected areas, design and management of protected areas, legislation and economics of protected areas, interactions between protected areas and surrounding landscapes and communities

IC307105  Nanotechnology and Environment

Pre-requisite:  None
Description:  Introduction to environmental aspects of nanotechnology, definition of nanotechnology, fundamental properties of synthetic and naturally occurring nanomaterials, synthesis and characterization of particles by various techniques, application of nanotechnology to environmental treatment, life cycle of nanomaterials in the environment, health and safety implications of nanoparticles

IC307106  Fungal Diversity

Pre-requisite:  None
Description:  Important morphological characteristics of Kingdom of Fungi used to classify into different phylums including genetic data for the systematics of this kingdom, ecology and life cycles of fungi, various roles of fungi in environment and human health, both direct and indirect utilization of fungi

IC307107  Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Pre-requisite:  None
Description:  Introduction to climate change and global warming, emission of greenhouse gases, human contributions to climate change, carbon emissions and carbon cycle, depletion of fossil fuels and energy crisis, renewable energy technologies, energy storage, and sustainable energy development

IC307108  Freshwater Zooplankton

Pre-requisite:  None
Description:  Taxonomy, morphology, physiology, anatomy, reproduction, ecology, distribution and biogeography of freshwater zooplankton. Classification of protozoa, rotifera, cladocera, copepoda, ostracoda, anostraca, and conchostraca

IC307899  Thesis

Pre-requisite:  None
Description:  In-depth research in the field of biodiversity and environmental management, creation of new scientific knowledge for beneficial application