Name : Asst. Prof. Kevin P. Jones

Education : M.B.A., University of Nevada, USA; B.Sc. (Administration), University of Michigan, USA

Position : Chair of General Education Group


Teaching Areas : General Education, Global Business Management, International Marketing, Management Information Systems

Research Areas : Student Behavior Relative to Academic Performance, Attendance, And Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivators

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Name : Paul Fairclough

Education : M.A. TESOL & Applied Linguistics, UCLAN, UK; Trinity Cert. TESOL (QCF Level 5), Trinity College London, UK; Trinity Cert PTLLS, Trinity College London, UK; B.A. (Hons) Business Management, University of Hull, UK

Position : Chair of English Language Group

Teaching Areas : Academic English, Critical Reading & Writing, English For Communication In Multicultural Societies, University Study Skills, AEP

Research Areas : Social Linguistics, Taboos in the EFL Classroom, Interlanguage, and Educating Educators.

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Name : Chanadda Manoonyarath

Education :  B.A. Elementary Faculty of Education. Khon Kean University, Thailand; M.A. Educational Technology, Faculty of Education. Khon kaen University, Thailand

Position :  General Education Coach


Teaching Areas : Multiculturalism

Research Areas : Multiculturalism

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NameRoderick Lucas

Education : B.Sc. (Engineering)

Position : Committee Member

Teaching Areas : AEP1, AEP2, and AEP1i

Research Areas : 

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Name : Jittima Kraisriwattana

Education : 

Position : English Language Coach

Teaching Areas : 

Research Areas : 

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Name : Sarawut Chandeewanta

Education : B.B.A Marketing. M.A. Chinese Literature

Position : Chinese Language Coach

Teaching Areas : 

Research Areas : 


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