Incoming exchange students engage in studies at KKUIC for a fixed period of time, from one semester up to one academic year. They have a choice to enroll up to 6 courses (270 hours) in each semester from 7 undergraduate study programs, 2 graduate study programs and 1 special language program. Our programs include:

  1. B.B.A. in Global Business
  2. B.B.A. in International Marketing
  3. B.B.A. in International Entrepreneurship
  4. B.A. in International Affairs
  5. B.A. in Tourism management
  6. B.Com.Arts in Creative Media Technology
  7. B.Com.Arts in International Journalism
  8. M.Sc. in International Technology and Innovation Management
  9. M.Sc. in Biodiversity and Environmental Management
  10. English for Specific and Academic Purposes (ESAP)
Moreover, exchange students are encouraged to take the Thai Language course to broaden their understanding of Thailand and its people.

Students from our partner universities and around the world can apply to study at KKUIC for a semester or a year. As per our Exchange Program agreement, you will be exempt from paying tuition fees to KKUIC during the exchange period. This will allow you to take classes here and transfer credits back to your

When to apply

Semester Study Period Application Deadline
First semester
28 Aug. 2023 - 5 Jan. 2024
31 May 2023*
Second semester
5 Feb. 2024 - 11 Jun. 2024
31 October 2023*

*The deadline allows for the student VISA application procedure, which takes 2-3 months, depending on the Royal Thai Embassy/Consular Office in your country.


  1. KKUIC accepts the applications of students from our partner universities and around the world.

  2. Non-native English speaking applicants should submit a copy of English proficiency test results *(See Note), or a language certificate from your home university, or be recommended by your home-university academic advisors.

  3. Applicants who do not meet the above qualifications will be considered with the discretion of KKUIC administrative committee on a case by case basis.

Required documents

Please upload a scanned version (.pdf/.jpg/.png) of the required documents below into the KKUIC application system:

  • A photo with neither hat nor sunglasses that was taken no longer than 6 months.
  • A copy of passport
  • A recommendation letter
  • A copy of name change certificate (if any)
  • A copy of transcript
  • A copy of English proficiency test result (TOEFL or IELTS)
  • A certificate of student status (issued by the home university’s registrar office)
  • Bank statement (for non-MOU applicants)

Fees (per semester)

The fees for an inbound program (1 semester)

The approximately fees for an inbound program (1 semester)
Tuition fee4,000 THB/credit; at least 12 credits

**For Communication Arts major, the rate is 4,500 per credit

Approximate Cost of Living (per semester)

The approximate cost of living in Khon Kaen (1 semester)

ItemEstimated Cost (USD)

On campus: $300 per semester (4 months), utilities included.

Off-campus: $150 – $250 per month, utilities not included

Utility$30 – $60 per month
Food$150 – $250 per month
Transportation$30 – $60 per month
Internet plan$20 per month (50Mbps)
Approximate total: $280-640

Admission process

Complete the Incoming Exchange Application Form and submit to Mr. Parin Tanachotipon (E-mail: ). The application deadline for the KKUIC Inbound Program 

The KKUIC consideration process will take around 3 weeks approximately.
Please apply for the inbound program 3 months in advance before the semester starts. The student VISA application duration and procedure depend on the Royal Thai Embassy/Consular Office in your country.
The 1st semester of the academic year 2022 will start on 27 June 2022.
Contact person:

Contact person:




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