International Affairs

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in International Affairs

International relations and world politics affect the domestic economy and society, and every individual. Students in this program are trained to become knowledgeable in the current situations of the world, in issues related to global economic development, and in issues in politics and society.

Career Opportunities: Graduates can work for public or international organizations such as United Nations (UN) or European Union (EU), NGOs, embassies, and in human resources.

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International Affairs

1. Core Courses

Students must complete 39 credits from course offered below

IC101001           Principles of Management   (3 Credits)

IC102004           Organizational Behavior   (3 Credits)

IC201001           English for Specific Academic Purposes   (3 Credits)

IC201002           Introduction to Political Sciences   (3 Credits)

IC202001           Principles of Economics   (3 Credits)

IC202002           Contemporary World History   (3 Credits)

IC202003           Introduction to International Affairs   (3 Credits)

IC202004           Introduction to Law   (3 Credits)

IC202005           World Geography   (3 Credits)

IC202006           Global Economy and Trade Policies   (3 Credits)

IC202007           Introduction to Sociology   (3 Credits)

IC202010           Introduction to Public Policy and Administration   (3 Credits)

IC203007           Research Methodology in Social Sciences   (3 Credits)

2. International Affairs Major Courses (IA-Major)

Students must complete 39 credits from courses offered below.

IC202008           International Relations Theories and Ethics   (3 Credits)

IC202009           International Diplomacy   (3 Credits)

IC203001           International Law   (3 Credits)

IC203002           World Societies   (3 Credits)

IC203003           International Political Economy   (3 Credits)

IC203004           International Organizations   (3 Credits)

IC203005           Thailand’s Foreign Policy   (3 Credits)

IC203006           Comparative Politics   (3 Credits)

IC203008           International Security   (3 Credits)

IC204001           Study Project in International Affairs   (3 Credits)

IC204476           Seminar in International Affairs   (3 Credits)

IC204796           Internship in International Affairs   (3 Credits)

IC204785           Cooperative Education in International Affairs   (9 Credits)

3. Selection of Minor Courses

Student can choose 1 of these minor courses

 3.1 Area Studies

Students must Complete 18 credits by selecting either track

IC204101           ASEAN in Global Affairs   (3 Credits)

IC204102           The Role of East Asia in the Current World Affairs   (3 Credits)

IC204103           Russia and International Politics   (3 Credits)

IC204104           Conflicts in Middle East   (3 Credits)

IC204105           Government and Society of the United States of America   (3 Credits)

IC204106           Foreign Policy of the United States of America   (3 Credits)

IC204107           Conflicts in South East Asia   (3 Credits)

IC204108           European Studies   (3 Credits)

3.2 Communication Arts

Students must Complete 18 credits by selecting either track   (3 Credits)

055330              Communications Theory   (3 Credits)

055242              Web Design and Development   (3 Credits)

055130              Newspaper and Magazine Journal   (3 Credits)

055320              Persuasion and Argumentation   (3 Credits)

055322              Mass Communication   (3 Credits)

055323              Communications in Public Relations   (3 Credits)

055324              Strategic Communications   (3 Credits)

055312              Document Analysis and Criticism   (3 Credits)

3.3 Business

Students must Complete 18 credits by selecting either track   (3 Credits)

IC102005           Basic Marketing Concept   (3 Credits)

IC102008           Business Law   (3 Credits)

IC103003           Business Strategy   (3 Credits)

IC103004           International Business Management  (3 Credits)

IC103006           International Human Resource Management   (3 Credits)

IC103008           Applied Project Management   (3 Credits)

IC113001           Strategic Marketing Management   (3 Credits)

IC133003           Business Service Marketing   (3 Credits)

IC113004           Customer Relationship Management   (3 Credits)

IC113006           Logistics and Supply Chain Management   (3 Credits)

IC122001           Introduction to Entrepreneurship   (3 Credits)

IC123001           Business Plan Development and Business Strategy for International Entrepreneurship   (3 Credits)

IC123004           Business Investment and Accounting for Small Business   (3 Credits)

IC123006           Business Expansion and Franchise Development   (3 Credits)

3.4 Interdisciplinary

                Students must Complete 18 credits by selecting 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3

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