Co-operative Education


Cooperative Education is a senior level compulsory course which takes 9 credit hours.  In this course, students are given the opportunity to be full time job-trainees with collaborating organizations, either domestically or internationally, and conduct their senior research project under supervisions of both their job supervisors and KKUIC advisors.  The cooperative education period usually takes place during the first semester of the 4th year of study.


1. Be at the senior level (3rd year or above).

2. Complete 30 credits of General Education courses before registering the course.

3. Complete 99 credits of overall courses before registering the course.

4. Attain a minimum of 2.0 GPA before registering the course.

5. Internship placements and durations must be officially approved by KKUIC.

6. A minimum GPA may be varied (depending on the study program’s requirement) in order to ensure student’s abilities to independently conduct their own research paper at distance.   


Students can pick up the application form at KKUIC Student Development officers.  This application takes place during their 3rd year, semester 2.