Internship is a senior level course which takes 3 credit hours.  Students attending this course need to do their internships related to their fields of study in the private, public, or international organizations, either domestically or internationally.  The internship period usually takes place during the summer break (June to July) after students complete their 3rd year of study. 


1. Be at the senior level (3rd year or above).

2. Complete 30 credits of General Education courses before registering the course.

3. Complete 99 credits of overall courses before registering the course.

4. Attain a minimum of 2.0 GPA before registering the course.

5. Internship placements and durations must be officially approved by KKUIC.


Students can pick up the application form at KKUIC Student Development officers.  This application takes place during their 3rd year, semester 2.