KKUIC Direct/International Admission

KKUIC Direct/International Student Admission 

This admission is open for international students and Thai students who graduated from high-schools using non-Thai educational standard.  The admission is available all year round.

Number of Admitted Students

1. Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs, International Program: 60 students

2. Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management, International Program: 60 students

3. Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Business, International Program: 60 students

4. Bachelor of Business Administration in International Marketing, International Program: 60 students

5. Bachelor of Arts Program in Communication Arts, International Program: 60 students



1.  Applicants must have completed secondary education (or equivalent) either from an accredited domestic or foreign educational institution recognized by the Ministry of Education, Thailand.

2.  As for applicants who have not yet fulfilled all the requirements for secondary education, official secondary school diplomas are required prior to entering the programs.

3.  Applicants should be in good physical and mental health and have no record of serious misconduct.

4.  Applicants should be proficient in English (for all undergraduate programs) and mathematics (for only programs in business and management).  In case their English proficiency is lower than the level required by KKUIC, applicants will be asked to attend Academic English Preparation ProgramTo measure English and mathematics proficiency, KKUIC requires applicants to submit standardized English* and mathematic* test results (see note):

5.  Applicants must not register in any of KKUIC study programs more than once.

6.  Applicants who do not meet the above qualifications will be considered with the discretion of KKUIC administrative committee on a case by case basis.


*English: TOFEL {500 (Paper-based); or 173 (Computer-based); or 61 (Internet-based)} or IELTS { 5.5 (all band scores ≥4.0}

*Mathematics: SAT { 600 (only math section)}.

Without the standardized test results, applicants are required to take either English or mathematics or both examinations depending on the test results for which they fail to prepare.  

Required Documents

1.  One photo sized 3x4 cms with neither hat nor sunglasses and taken no longer than 6 months.  Clearly state names and schools on the back side of each photo.  Stickers or scanned photos are not allowed. 

2.  A copy of ID card or Alien certificate or Passport

3.  A recommendation letter from a secondary education institution graduated (if any)

4.  A copy of legalize name change certificate (if any)

5.  A copy of Housing registration (Thai applicants only)

6.  A copy of transcript or course comparison certificate from a secondary education institution and/or a school accreditation document certified by the Ministry of Education, Thailand (for non-accredited secondary education institutes)

7.  English proficiency documents such as TOFEL {500 (Paper-based); or 173 (Computer-based); or 61 (Internet-based)} or IELTS { 5.5 (all band scores ≥4.0} will be used to determine applicant’s English proficiency.  Without these documents, applicants are required to take the English placement examination (TOEFL ITP) organized at KKUIC.  Applicants who pass these criteria will be ready to start regular study programs in KKUIC without having to take Academic English Preparation Program.

8.  Mathematic proficiency document: SAT { 600 (only math section)


1.  Applicants without English proficiency documents are required to take the English placement examination (TOEFL ITP) organized at KKUIC.

2.  Applicants without the mathematic proficiency document (SAT) is required to take mathematic placement examination organized at KKUIC.

3.  The interview will be conducted in English to test applicants’ English proficiency and attitudes.

Note: Applicants who do not pass the English placement examination but are qualified for the acceptance will be accepted under a condition that they must enroll in Academic English Preparation Program during the regular semesters.

Admission Criteria

Successful admission depends on applicants’ English and mathematic proficiencies reflected by the submitted standardized test results or KKUIC English and mathematic placement examinations, the interview, and consideration of the KKUIC administrative committee.   

Application Method

1. Application by post/ e-mail (recommended for International Applicants):

The applicants may request the application form at the KKUIC office located at Information Center Bld. 9th floor or download the application form hereThe application fee, 1600 THB, must be transferred to:

               International College

               Kasikorn Bank, Khon Kaen University branch,

               Account number 549-2-02992-2

For international money transfer:

               Bank of Receiver: Kasikorn Bank, Khon Kaen University Branch

               SWIFT code: KASITHBK

               Account No: 549-2-02992-2

               Name of Receiver: KKUIC-R

Please send the application form with other supporting documents including the money transfer slip by post to:

               International College, Khon Kaen University

               Information Center Bld. 9th floor

               123 Mittraparb Rd., Muang District, Khon Kaen 40002

               Tel: 043-202173, 043-202424

Or electronically send all the scanned application documents to Khun Rapeepan Phittayadilok via e-mail rapeph@kku.ac.th

2. Online Application (for Thai Applicants)

Please visit the KKUIC website under Admission > Direct Admission for online application or click and fax the money transfer slip to KKUIC (Fax number: 043-202424). Please clearly the applicant’s name and field of study on the fax slips.

3. Walk-in Application

Applicants can apply for the admission at Khon Kaen University International College. The application fee is 1,500 THB

Note 1The application fee is not the examination registration fee. If the applicants are unable to take the examination or disqualified for the examination for any reasons, KKUIC reserves the right to refuse the refund. 

Note 2: Prior to entering Thailand, international candidates who are accepted to KKUIC must obtain an admission letter from KKUIC and present it to the Thai authorities to obtain a non-immigrant - ED type visa

1. Application at KKUIC                                3 Oct - 2 Nov 2017

2. Application by mail and online                   3 - 31 Oct 2017

3. Announcement of eligible applicants         6 Nov 2017

4. Written Examination Date                          14 Nov 2017

5. Interview Date                                             15 Nov 2017

6. Announcement of the result                         24 Nov 2017

7. The new student online registration             27 - 29 Nov 2017

   via http://reg.kku.ac.th and pay for                    

   the tuition fee                                      

8. Second Semester Starting Date                    8 Jan 2018


1.  Announcement of the eligible applicants for KKUIC placement test and its location follows KKUIC website.

2.  Announcement of successful applicants can be viewed on KKUIC website.

3.  See KKUIC direct admission announcement

4. Contact to KKUIC for more information