KKUIC participated in the Wai Kru Ceremony of Khon Kaen University for the Academic Year 2023 preserving Thai tradition on showing respect to teachers.

On 20 July 2023 from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM, Khon Kaen University International College led by Asst. Prof. Sirimonbhorn Thipsingh, the Dean of KKUIC, along with KKUIC lecturers and students, participated in the Wai Kru ceremony to pay respect to lecturers in Khon Kaen University at the Golden Jubilee Convention Hall, Khon Kaen University.

The event atmosphere was filled with genuine joy and happiness from KKU professors, administrators, and students. The purpose of this event is to show genuine respect and gratitude to teachers, acknowledging their readiness in imparting knowledge and wisdom to the students.  As inheritors of academic heritage, students are encouraged to pursue their educational journey with dedication and achieve their goals. The act of paying respect to teachers is not only a beautiful tradition that instils moral values but also ensures the continuity of education and the positive impact it has on society. By showing respect and admiration towards teachers from the beginning, students and teachers develop a close bond and mutual trust, assuring that students will be guided towards the path of goodness and continuous progress.

Lastly, while KKUIC is an international institute, we also value Thai culture and its beauty. Various activities held at KKUIC promote cultural values and cultivate good behaviour in our students, pursue higher education, and ensure that they become well-developed individuals for the 21st century. KKUIC is committed to providing the best services for students and society, now and in the future.

Reported by Marketing & PR Division, KKUIC
Photos by Khosit Jumruslap

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