On December 4, 2566, at 11:55 AM, the International College of Khon Kaen University, led by Asst. Prof. sirimonbhorn thipsingh, the Dean, Asst. Prof. Dr. Chavis Ketkaew, associate dean for strategy, research and international affairs, and Ajarn Thanakorn Sayut, Division Chair of student engagement and Internal Collaboration, along with KKUIC Student Union Club, warmly welcomed and honored Assoc. Prof. Dr. Niyom Wongpongkam, the Vice President for Cultural and Creative Economy, and following staffs.

KKUIC had the opportunity to received a award plaque and a monetary award of 20,000 Baht to acknowledge their participation and outstanding performance in the KKU Carnival parade under the theme “ESAN GHOST PLAY DANCE TROUPE” – an enchanting portrayal of Isaan culture, beliefs, traditions, and contemporary ghost stories. This recognition took place during the Sithan Festival of Khon Kaen University for the academic year 2023.

On behalf of the International College, we take pride in receiving this award. “We extend our gratitude to the students, teachers, and all parties involved,” who have provided us with the opportunity. We are deeply moved by the confidence you have placed in us and are dedicated to continuous improvement.

Reported by Khosit Jumruslap, PR & Marketing Team, KKUIC
Photos by Nichakorn Nipornram