KKUIC Students Embark on Sustainable Tourism Journey in Si Chomphu District, Khon Kaen

Exploring Sustainable Tourism Development: KKUIC One day field trip to discover tourism destination planning and development.

In a bid to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, third-year students enrolled in the Tourism Destination Planning and Development course at KKUIC embarked on a transformative field trip to explore the burgeoning landscape of sustainable tourism in the New Isan region of Northeast Thailand.

The excursion, a pivotal component of the curriculum, was meticulously crafted to immerse students in the intricacies of tourism planning and development within a real-world context. Rooted in KKU’s strategic initiative, “New Isan,” the trip aimed to unearth opportunities for sustainable growth in this burgeoning tourism hub.
Under the guidance of seasoned instructors, students delved into the heart of New Isan, traversing its diverse terrain and engaging with local communities to gain firsthand insights into their cultural heritage and socioeconomic dynamics. The journey not only broadened their understanding of tourism practices but also instilled in them a deep appreciation for the region’s rich tapestry of traditions and landscapes.

Through interactive activities and immersive experiences, students were challenged to critically analyze the interplay between tourism, environmental conservation, and community livelihoods. They witnessed firsthand the impact of responsible tourism practices on local ecosystems and livelihoods, underscoring the importance of adopting sustainable approaches to development.

Moreover, the field trip served as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, offering students a glimpse into potential career pathways within the tourism industry. By exposing them to diverse perspectives and novel environments, it ignited their curiosity and passion for learning, paving the way for transformative educational experiences.
As the students returned from their enriching excursion, they carried with them not only memories but also a newfound zeal to contribute to the sustainable development of tourism destinations. Armed with theoretical insights and practical experiences, they are poised to become catalysts for change in the ever-evolving landscape of global tourism.
In essence, the day trip to New Isan epitomized the symbiotic relationship between academia and experiential learning, underscoring the invaluable role of field trips in shaping the next generation of tourism professionals and advocates.

Reported by PR & Marketing Team, KKUIC
Photos by Khosit Jumruslap

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