Khon Kaen University with 4 KKU colleges: COLA KKBS MBA KKUIC negotiated academic collaboration with Eastern International University and University of Economics, Vietnam.

On 23-26 August 2023, the administrators of Khon Kaen University, led by Associate Professor Chanchai Pantongviriyakul, Vice President of Khon Kaen University and the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Khon Kaen University, as well as the Dean of COLA KKBS MBA together with Asst. Prof Sirimonbhorn Thipsingh, Dean of Khon Kaen University International College (KKUIC), participated in academic negotiations (currently in progress) with Eastern International University (EIU) and University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH), Vietnam. Both universities that they visited are important collaborative partners of Khon Kaen University.

The Public Relations Division of Khon Kaen University International College (KKUIC) has reported that Asst. Prof. Sirimonbhorn Thipsingh, Dean of KKUIC, shared her insights after returning from this trip. Our KKUIC’s dean expressed interest in the points of discussion and indicated that both universities in Vietnam shared similar perspectives.

The visit provided an opportunity for Khon Kaen University and KKUIC to explore academic collaborations, educational development, research, and academic services under a shared scope and direction. The recorded discussions in this session aim to enhance collaborative academic development in terms of economics, benefiting academics, research, education, and personnel development. The cooperative effort seeks to create a strong foundation for enhancing and fortifying the local economy, bringing benefits to the students of Khon Kaen University.

Reported by Marketing & PR Division, KKUIC

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