Thai-Japan-ASEAN ‘Bridges’ Event Series : The Role of Public Universities as an Engine for Social Change at Khon Kaen University

On Tuesday, March 26, 2024, Khon Kaen University, in collaboration with the International Peace Foundation, celebrated the 60th anniversary of its establishment by hosting the special event “Thai-Japan-ASEAN ‘Bridges’ Event Series,” with KKUIC serving as the host. The event featured Nobel Laureate for Medicine, Prof. Randy W. Schekman, from the University of California, Berkeley, United States, under the topic “The Role of Public Universities as an Engine for Social Change.”
The lecture was attended by enthusiastic participants and organizers, with over 400 attendees from both external and internal personnel of Khon Kaen University. Prof. Randy W. Schekman, a renowned Cell Biologist from the University of California, Berkeley, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2013 for his discovery of vesicles used for transporting various substances between cells, such as enzymes, hormones, and neurotransmitters. This groundbreaking discovery serves as a fundamental basis for studying the causes of various diseases and leads to new treatment discoveries in the future.
Furthermore, Prof. Randy has been a pioneer and served as the editor-in-chief of the globally renowned open-access journal, eLife, which is on par with Nature, Cell Press, and Science. He is also the founder of ASAP, an international organization dedicated to researching new treatments for Parkinson’s disease.
After the lecture, representatives from KKUIC had the opportunity to ask Prof. Randy W. Schekman about his successful journey, challenges, and the intersection of social science with medicine in the future. Prof. Randy’s response emphasized the importance of not prioritizing science over other disciplines in solving complex problems, especially societal issues. He highlighted the courage needed to address problems in areas we believe in and stressed the importance of exploring multiple perspectives in problem-solving, as eventually, a solution will be found.
Ultimately, organizing such lecture events is part of KKUIC’s commitment to nurturing and inspiring students throughout their four-year study journey and aligns with its sustainable development goals, providing clear guidelines and objectives for every country to adhere to their developmental priorities. It emphasizes choosing appropriate pathways for improving the lives of future generations. #KKUICBestIsHere
Khon Kaen University International College is a leading international college for sustainable transformation, aiming to be nationally recognized as a leading international college for sustainable transformation in 2025. It aims to empower the global population and promote sustainable change through education, research, innovation, and community development of high quality.

Reported by PR & Marketing Team, KKUIC
Photos by Thanasak Kabsoi

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