Master's Degree Admissions

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Master's Degree Admissions

KKU Quota

The program focuses on producing Master’s graduates who have skills and creativity in innovation development that meet the present world’s consumer needs. Meanwhile, this program allows the students to explore how to develop a high-value innovative product that responds to the market demand and enhances a customer experience. The graduates may become skillful next-generation entrepreneurs or work in the modern industrial sector.

This multi-disciplinary master program is designed to focus on cross functional roles and importance of biodiversity, environment and management in different contexts e.g. natural diversity (animals, plants,and micro-organisms) and environment, urban and rural development, utilization and sustainability of natural resources, climate change, technological and innovative breakthroughs. Various courses are offered in this program combined with research project through 12-credit thesis.

Entry Requirements

Instructions for applicants

1. Degree Requirements

A candidate should have a Bachelor of Science/Technology degree or any other relevant degree to qualify for admission.

2. Procedure and Important Documents

Start your request for admission to a master’s degree program following this link: Generate a user account to access the KKUIC application platform. Then, upload electronic documents to support your application. The required documents are :

3. Program Duration and Fees

4. Important Date

Application period

1 Dec. 2023 – 31 Jan. 2024

Announcement of the list of applicants who will attend the admission exams.

6 Feb. 2024


10 – 11 Feb. 2024

Announcement of the admission results

23 Feb. 2024

New student registration through

4 – 6 Mar. 2024

New student orientation

10 June 2024

The first semester starts.

17 June 2024

5. Program Duration and Fees