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KKUIC Direct Admission (Sem.2)
Round 2 : 29 October – 20 November 2023
[For international students ONLY] The 2nd direct admission that KKUIC selects international students to study in the 2nd semester of the academic year 2023.

news and Events

news and Events

Empowering global citizens for a sustainable society


Erika Obado

Studying IA at KKUIC has challenged my critical thinking and comprehension of significant issues in the world regarding politics, economics, and conflicts in history to the present time. I am thankful for the professors who help me achieved the important skills for my future careers.

Jason Rothschild

IC embraces who I am and assists me in coping well with a dynamic society. I found undying friendship along with the tough lessons and sleepless nights.

Shenying Zhang

KKUIC, a place where your potential can be intrigued and boosted up with guidance and opportunities.

Nadia Sommerhalder

IC has encouraged me to learn and study about new cultures. It has taught me the strength of diversity and made me feel like I’m at home. This place has motivated me to fight for my dreams and believe in myself and also that without mistakes we won’t be able to reach our Goal.

Moukdavanh Inthachack

KKUIC gives me the opportunity to learn business and marketing from experienced teachers who helped me understand the lesson well and be able to apply the knowledge in the workplace.

Mr. Panuwat Jindaphoo

World class lessons? KKUIC got it! Professional equipments and environments? KKUIC got it! KKUIC can our dreams come true! Be empowered to be global citizen!

Mr. Nititham Sritadee

IC provides a pretty good environment. Lecturers are cool and very friendly. Always, hands- on activities and events that inspire and cultivate our success future. We sure to gain experiences just right under the faculty!


We support creativity, leading to more innovation. We achieve this through doing research and constructing a new knowledge base that leads to balanced and sustainable development.

Centers & Services

We support academic services as demanded by
the society, which help nurture and maintain
cultures – especially Northeastern culture – to
build an equal and strong society beneficial to humanity.


Lifelong Learning CENTER


Sustainable Innovation & Society

IELTS Test Service (British Council X KKUIC)


college board

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